Therapy Services Years 7-12

Your child’s voice is important as they grow and learn. Find out more about your school aged programs and other Everyday Learning and Therapy™ services our therapists can support your child, family and teachers with.

Noah’s Ark works with you, your child and their teacher or educator by providing Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) through:

Our specialists, with professional backgrounds in speech pathology, occupational therapy, education, physiotherapy, psychology and social work, are known as Key Workers. They visit you in your home and help build the skills and participation of your child. Our Key Workers give you the information, resources and support you need to help your child learn, develop and reach their goals.

Families and carers can receive Everyday Learning and Therapy™ via:

  • Your home or chosen environment
  • Primary School and Before/After School Care
  • Your local Noah’s Ark branch
  • Bursts of learning and therapy (Read more)
  • Local workshops
  • Virtual visits (Read more).

Find out more about our early childhood services and how our Key Workers can help you reach your child’s goals through Everyday Learning and Therapy™.

Information about the NDIS can be found on our Pricing page.

To register your child to receive services from Noah’s Ark, visit our Getting Started page.

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