Janelle, Kealba

Natalie is such a tremendous help! Her understanding, acceptance, open ears, along with her professional advice, have gone a long way in helping me to personally cope with the challenges my husband and I face in Hannah’s growth and development.

I love the fact that Noah’s Ark provides genuine care in a practical, specific to life circumstance that our family is going through.

Natalie helped me to focus on step-by-step goals that I can work on, instead of feeling pressured or stressed by what Hannah couldn’t do but rather what small steps can she do to help her achieve the ultimate goal.

I wasn’t just given materials to read or a website to refer to, I was given personalised suggestions.

Natalie constantly refers to our plans/goals. It gives us direction on what to work on. As time goes by and Hannah is making progress, these plans are evaluated and goals are reviewed.

I highly respect OTs and Speech Pathologists and the sessions we have with them but I much prefer the services of a Key Worker. Since having Natalie as our Key Worker, I’ve been able to compare the services she provides as opposed to the OT and Speech Pathologist. I feel as though the sessions that Hannah has with the OT and Speech Pathologist are more of an ‘assessment’ rather than a ‘how can I help you’ session. I’m thankful that Noah’s Ark provides a more hands-on approach to helping clients. Also I like the ‘meet where you are’ sessions that Noah’s Ark provides (home visit, kinder visit). Hannah is comfortable at home and has shown to be more cooperative in a familiar environment than a clinic room. Plus it allows the Key Worker to observe Hannah in the home environment.

Janelle, Kealba, VIC,

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