Erin, Braybrook

Ruth has been my son’s Key Worker for approximately three and a half years. My son, Connor has recently had his last visit from Ruth as he is off to school next year. When Ruth was first introduced to my family Connor had a 12-month developmental delay due to a medical condition and surgery he had undergone to correct the problem.

From the start Ruth’s guidance and assistance with getting Connor the services required was invaluable, her overall attitude was comforting as well as helpful to us. We firmly believe that he wouldn’t be as good as he is now without her input. He is off to school next year which is a year ahead of schedule, Ruth has interacted with us as a family and any of Connor’s medical team at the Royal Children’s Hospital when she thought it was required. Her persistence along with her caring nature has helped us through some tough times, we cannot thank her enough.

At this time Connor is continuing to see a Speech Therapist, this part of his development is still behind but he is consistently improving and can be understood enough to attend school. We bring this to your attention in appreciation of Ruth’s high standard of work.

Erin, Braybrook, VIC,

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