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Benefits of Working at Noah’s Ark

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  • Flexible hours & working arrangements
  • Realistic client loads
  • Opportunities to take RDOs
  • Work from home, office or agreed location
  • Bespoke EAP service (Connect Psych)
  • Weekly virtual yoga
  • Diverse & inclusive environment
  • Job satisfaction working with children & families
  • Supportive team culture
  • Twice yearly staff forum focusing on practice, with international, national and internal presentations
  • Social & professional networking events
  • Professional Development allowance
  • Coaching & mentoring programs
  • Lunchtime webinars
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Competitive salary & conditions
  • 14 weeks paid parental leave
  • Salary packaging available up to $15,900 per year to increase your take home pay
  • Additional salary packaging up to $2,650 for meal/entertainment/holiday accommodation or venue hire
  • Novated lease (within the salary packaging cap)
  • Ability to salary sacrifice part of your wages to your Super fund
  • Eg. $80k With Salary Packaging OR $88k Without Salary Packaging = same Take Home Pay of $67k

Working at Noah’s Ark

At Noah’s Ark we provide positive working environments to ensure all of our staff feel supported, valued and are able to achieve their career goals.

All of our staff at Noah’s Ark are professionals who:

  • are responsive to family and community needs
  • strive to deliver greater opportunities for children
  • are ethical, professional and reliable
  • are approachable, open and honest.

We provide working conditions that are competitive for our sector, including above award wages and conditions, flexible working arrangements, purchased leave arrangements, 17.5% leave loading, accrued days off, career breaks, study leave, salary packaging and professional development opportunities. Our staff have the opportunity to attend annual staff conferences that give staff access to industry leaders and workshops that discuss the latest issues in early childhood intervention and inclusion and also an opportunity to network.  Each year, our service staff are invited to apply for the Noah’s Ark Excellence in Practice Awards which may include an overseas study tour or other learning and development opportunities which enhance a staff member’s skills, experience and knowledge.

We have a supportive leadership team and are committed to ensuring our staff have the right support systems in place to effectively do their jobs. We do this by providing regular structured support/supervision from line managers and access to an Employee Assistance Program to assist staff with work and personal-related issues.

Valerie Villarosa - Team Leader, Craigieburn

Introducing Valerie…

1. What is your role at Noah’s Ark? 

I’m currently the Team Leader of the Craigieburn team.

2. How has your career grown since starting at Noah’s Ark? 

In January 2020, I started as a Key Worker/Speech Pathologist at Noah’s Ark, and later that year received an opportunity to act as the Team Leader of the Bundoora team. When a position arose for a full time Team Leader role I applied and was fortunate to get the offer.

In terms of “growth” in my role, I found that the underlying principles of support, encouragement and empowerment have remained the same, although my focus has shifted from supporting families to supporting my team to deliver high quality services. I hope to inspire my team to go to work every day and feel valued for their amazing contribution to many families’ lives and children they impact. I hope they go home every day feeling satisfied with there contribution and sharing this feeling of optimism and joy with their own families.

3. What drew you to Noah’s Ark originally? 

I’ve always known about Noah’s Ark throughout my career – it was my dream workplace! I did courses through Noah’s Ark while I was a Key Worker/Speech Pathologist at my previous role at an Early Intervention centre, and loved the emphasis that Noah’s Ark put in coaching practices, as well as building family capacity and strengths. This approach highly resonated with my passion in working with families and making them confident and competent in supporting their children.

4. What is your favourite thing about working for Noah’s Ark? 

I love how Noah’s Ark upholds a strengths-based approach when working with families, and how this is also seen amongst staff in the respectful way they treat each other at work. It’s a lovely workplace with everyone so supportive of each other, making sure everyone is seen, heard and appreciated.

5. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us? 

I love doing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, a “gentle” form of martial art. I enjoy how it doesn’t require you to be the biggest, strongest person in the room to be effective at it, how it empowers women, and how it gives me tools not only to defend myself, but also practice mindfulness, humility and self-control whenever I am “rolling” on the mats.

6. What advice do you have for perspective Noah’s Ark candidate? 

Strive to listen – to your clients, families, team, colleagues, etc. There’s always something to learn from everyone.

7. Your favourite picture of you? 

Valerie photo 

Danielle Swinnerton - Team Leader, Outer East

Introducing Danielle…

1. What is your role at Noah’s Ark? 

I am Team Leader of the Outer East team. We are based in the outer east of metropolitan Melbourne.

2. How has your career grown since starting at Noah’s Ark? 

My background is in Speech Pathology and I started at Noah’s Ark in the role as a Key Worker. This involved me being up skilled in all areas of a child’s development so that I could provide a holistic transdisciplinary service to families. A couple of years ago I applied for a project role at Noah’s Ark head office and worked with stakeholders in the organisation to update the internal practice documents and intranet system. Recently, I have started as Team Leader of a team of speech pathologists and occupational therapists, and also work with the psychologists and physiotherapists that are based across the organisation.

3. What drew you to Noah’s Ark originally? 

The strong focus on learning and teamwork, as well as the professional development opportunities internally.

4. What is your favourite thing about working for Noah’s Ark? 

My favourite thing is the commitment to best practice. There is strong evidence behind the transdisciplinary Key Worker model and every day I see the difference this model makes to the lives of families of children with a disability. Noah’s Ark is always evolving to ensure families’ needs are met in the changing landscape (e.g. NDIS and COVID-19 restrictions) and as an employee there are lots of opportunities to contribute to the organisation through working parties, projects and within your team.

5. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us? 

I’m adventurous and have been to over 35 countries. My claim to a near-death experience is once being on an aeroplane that had to be diverted mid-air due to a problem with the landing gear- we landed on the runway to a long line up of emergency service vehicles. This hasn’t stopped me continuing to travel!

6. What advice do you have for prospective Noah’s Ark candidate? 

Just do it! It’s a great organisation to work for and you will work with some of the most passionate people. I would recommend familiarising yourself with the principals of early childhood intervention- a great place to start is the ECIA Victoria website.

7. Your favourite picture of yourself?

Danielle favourite picture

Rupert Harlock - Psychologist

Introducing Rupert…

1. What is your role at Noah’s Ark? 

I am a psychologist who works with around 25 children within the family’s home, the child’s education or care setting or out and about within their community. In some situations, I am the child’s primary therapist (also known as a Key Worker), in other situations I will do a case consult with another therapists (Key Workers).

2. What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

Working within the home and child’s environment is very rewarding. And definitely for children and families to reach their goals.

3. What is your favourite thing about working for Noah’s Ark?

I am part of a very strong and close group of practitioners, all of whom would go the extra mile to help a colleague. You always feel supported and encouraged, and there is always someone to turn to.

4. How has Noah’s Ark supported you in achieving your career goals?

As a provisional psychologist, they gave me the opportunity to complete my registration as an intern. Without them, I possibly wouldn’t be close to obtaining registration as a psychologist.

5. What drew you to Noah’s Ark originally?

I discussed the role with my external supervisor, who said that she has heard very positive things about the organisation and encouraged me to go for the role. Everyone who I have spoken to about Noah’s Ark have said similar, positive things.

6. What do you like to do on your days off?

I love music so anything to do with that, and sports like football, cricket, tennis and motor racing. I don’t have much time for my hobbies at the moment due to all my extra internship work, but I still have time to socialise, most often at the pub. I’m also trying to read more.

7. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us?

I started listening to punk music as an 11-year-old, after I borrowed one of my dad’s clash CDs. My love of music grew and expanded.

Lauren Falconer - Operations Manager, South East and North

Lauren’s professional development

At Noah’s Ark we use the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) to measure outcomes for children and families. In my work with my team and in my role analysing scores across the organisation, I identified that many key workers (myself included) were unsure of how to use the COPM in a way that was meaningful for parents. Because it’s so important that everything we do is purposeful and meaningful for families, I wanted to learn more about the COPM.

I identified the need to participate in professional learning opportunities to better understand the use of the COPM across a range of settings so that we could improve our practice at Noah’s Ark. I took this request to my Team Leader and our Director of Services.

“I have worked at Noah’s Ark since 2015 and in that time have been provided with the opportunity to pursue a range of professional learning opportunities that have supported my development in the various roles I have held.”

I was supported by Noah’s Ark to engage in a range of professional development opportunities, including travelling to an Improving Data: Improving Outcomes conference and meeting with the authors of the COPM. I was then invited to present my findings to the Noah’s Ark Board and engaged in an ongoing project to implement my learnings across the organisation. I also presented my learning at the annual Noah’s Ark staff forum.

The support I received from Noah’s Ark to grow and develop my expertise in an area of interest has been invaluable. I have appreciated the investment in my professional development in a range of different ways including funding to attend activities and investment in the implementation of learning. This support from Noah’s Ark has not only developed my skills and knowledge but has also supported key workers across the organisation in their implementation of the COPM in a way that is meaningful and purposeful for families.

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