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Our Service to You

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At Noah’s Ark we start our work with you at an initial visit meeting that is dedicated to getting to know you a little, talking through our service and ensuring all the necessary paperwork has been completed.

This meeting typically goes for about an hour and will define the type and frequency of services you want.

To get ready for this meeting it is helpful to have a copy of your NDIS plan and goals, in addition to thinking about what you specifically want to achieve, and how this fits in with your family routine and availability.

After the initial meeting you will be allocated a key worker. Your key worker will be a Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Teacher, Physiotherapist or Psychologist depending on your child’s needs and availability.

In the first meeting with your Key Worker they will work with you to complete what is called Routines Based Interview. This is a detailed conversation about your family and child’s day and the areas that are challenging for you. What is going well, and where you would like some help. At the end of this conversation, we will be able to set the goals for you and your child for the next 6 months. This process usually takes 2.5 hours which is a 2-hour meeting with you and another 30 minutes of non-contact time writing up the details.

The reason we do this Routines Based Interview is to truly understand your child’s needs throughout the different times of the day, environments, family and social interactions. Routines Based Interview is best practice.

If you do not want to complete the Routines Based Interview let your Key Worker know and they will spend time getting to know your family, your needs and goals, this process will work through your daily activities and the goals you and your child would like to achieve.

Your key worker at each visit will work with you by:

  • Start by checking in on what happened between this visit and the last and confirm the goal you want to work on for the day (we do this as family priorities can change across a week and we need to be sure we are focusing on the area most important to you).
  • Providing therapy and support.
  • Ask you to practice with your child. Discuss your routine and opportunities you might have to practice with your child throughout your everyday routine.
  • Provide you with information and / or referrals.
  • Check in at the end of the session to get feedback and make sure everyone is clear on the strategies to try between visits.


Noah’s Ark staff work with you on strategies that you can use in your everyday routine so there are lots of opportunities for you and your child to practice without it becoming an additional task. Sometimes what the therapist or teacher will ask you to do will look like play and it may be difficult to understand how it connects to the goal you want to achieve. If this happens ask the therapist or educator to explain why they are recommending the strategy and how it links to your goal.

Depending on your goals the Key Worker will spend time with you and your child in your chosen environment, for example food shopping, School, Pre School or day care. They will work on goals that you and your child have identified. They will work within the Early Childhood or School setting that your child is in and they don’t withdraw your child from the classroom.

At Noah’s Ark we charge the NDIS rate for:

  • Individual visits including home, community, Early childhood and school
  • Resources, reports, telephone calls, review of video footage etc (this will be discussed with you and an estimated allowance provided for in your service agreement)
  • Travel
  • Consultations with additional therapists on the team

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Extra services

Access to the team

Your key worker will have a good understanding of a range of strategies and supports but sometimes additional specialist support and knowledge is necessary. This can include access to another therapists or educator within the team.


All Noah’s Ark staff have the necessary skills to conduct assessments. We usually check in with you so we understand the purpose of the assessment and how it will assist in supporting your family so we can make sure we use the most suitable assessment tool and complete it in the best environment.

Equipment Prescription and Assistive Technology

All Noah’s Ark staff with the required qualifications can guide or prescribe equipment.


Noah’s Ark has a range of different groups and these vary across the sites. Speak with the team leader at the Noah Ark Team you are working with about what is available and what your needs are.

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