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Noah’s Ark will seek payment for services and travel time based on the relevant NDIS Price Guide once the service is delivered. Noah’s Ark pricing is based on the NDIS Price Guide. Rates quoted will automatically vary when the NDIS prices change.

Noah’s Ark Fees and Charges 2020/21

Individual visits include but are not limited to visits at home, in the community, Early Childhood Centres and schools.

$193.99 per hour or part thereof

Non-contact time is allocated to assessment of video-feedback, telephone calls, goal setting, report-writing and provision of materials.

$193.99 per hour or part thereof

Noah’s Ark will claim travel costs based on the time spent travelling to the client up to the maximum amount specified within the NDIS guidelines (30 minutes for MMM1-3 and 60 minutes for MMM 4-5). Travel for clients in MMM 4-5 may be negotiated where possible. In addition, Noah’s Ark will charge travel costs for the time spent in return travel for the last visit of the day to the closest Noah’s Ark office. Noah’s Ark recognises the impact of travel costs and will work where possible to minimise these costs by coordinating visits across locations.

$193.99 per hour or part thereof

Noah’s Ark Groups are priced based on the number of group participants and group type, as such costs may vary across groups. Please speak with the Team Leader regarding the specific costs of the group you are interested in.

Based on NDIS Price Guide

Noah’s Ark can charge 100% of the scheduled visit time of the visit for cancellations where less than 24 hours’ notice prior to the appointment time is provided. If no notice is given and the Key Worker attends the appointment, travel will be included in the cancellation fee.

$193.99 (100%)

From time to time therapists may have to cancel scheduled appointments due to attendance at conferences, annual holidays, illness or other unforeseen circumstances. When this happens clients will be offered a rescheduled appointment where practical and available. Noah’s Ark will make every endeavor to advise the client with a minimum 24 hours’ notice by phone, email or SMS. In the case of illness and or unforeseen circumstances, Noah’s Ark will aim to advise the client before 9.30am on the day of the scheduled appointment by SMS.

*These rates will change as per the NDIS Price Guide.

The information above can also be found in the Noah’s Ark Fees & Charges PDF

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