Useful COVID-19 resources 

Coronavirus Resource Center – Harvard Health Publishing

This is very informative as it features FAQs and answers a lot of common questions.

USA Today – how to safely take care of someone who is sick

Centers for Disease Control – How to prepare

Identifying the symptoms of Coronavirus

This resource from the Australian Government explains the different symptoms you may experience if you have Coronavirus (COVID-19), a cold, or the flu.

For more information please visit

Letter to families regarding Coronavirus

Dear Family,

You will now be aware through the media coverage and government announcements that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is in the Victorian, NSW & ACT communities and changing how we need to behave.

Noah’s Ark is committed to supporting your family through this difficult time and doing our best to support you and your family to stay healthy.

Please read more in the PDF here.

Coronavirus update from Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark are taking steps to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Please see general information and tips on what you can do in the PDF here.

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